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As your financial security consultant and investment representative,We will help you develop personalized financial security plans。And the wealth management security plan is taken into account,Not just retirement planning;Consider your current needs at the same time,And long -term goals and dreams,So as to formulate the overall financial strategy。

The four cornerstones of the wealth management security plan

1.Financial security when he died
4.Disability and Illness

Different stages of life

1、Early career
3、Corporate holder

About us/About Us

M&Z wealth management group co., LTD

We understand that your goal and ideal just like you, very unique and personal.

M&Z wealth management group co., LTD is a comprehensive financial security planning company, services to individuals, families and business owners. Help the guests to establish financial goals and requirements, tailored personalized financial plan target at different stages of life wealth. Our job is to use a variety of financial and tax policies to maximize customer's net assets value, help customers to make full use of the leverage effect in the process of wealth accumulation, transfer or eliminate the risk of unpredictable, exempt from tax risk, achieve financial targets, ensure their family wealth generation.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standard of the industry,Stand upright,Specialized,Efficient purpose serving customers。

Your trust is the biggest wealth of our company。

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Our solutions and services
In a thoughtful financial security plan,Wealth management products are indispensable。Whether you plan to retire, save for your children,Still entrepreneurial, We will all help you,Ensure that the purchased wealth management products can meet your specific needs。We can use a series of insurance, investment and retirement products,Help you achieve your goals。

For household and personal products and services

We can assist you to set up and management of investment at the same time, help you to select a variety of insurance products, reduce the financial risk of facing you and your family.

For enterprise products and services

For a long time, you are hard to establish my own business. We hope that we can help you improve and protect your business; Whether you are starting a new business, or maintain existing business success, we can help you meet the required.

Use of personal insurance products, protect your business!

Refers to a natural person, the life, body is illegal infringement, damage and mental injury, disability, death, ask for compensation obligor in property.

* use of group welfare plans, protect your employees

Contract dispute, the contents of the main performance in the controversial subject to cause the contract legal relationship, change and eliminate the legal facts and legal relationship.

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M&Z wealth management is based on the strength of historically and solid basis for Canadian services that help meet their financial security needs.
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We cooperate with Canada's major financial institutions, tailored for the customer the perfect financial planning and investment products


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