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M&Z Wealth Management offers a variety of Canada Life Assurance Company savings and investments, retirement income, life insurance, and loan products. In addition, we offer a range of wealth management products from other financial institutions, giving you powerful investment options.
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· The four cornerstones of a financial protection plan

As your financial security advisor and investment representative, we will help you develop a personalized financial protection plan. Financial protection plans are not just about retirement planning; Also consider your current needs and long-term goals and dreams to develop a holistic financial strategy. Through Finance's dedicated protection planning process, we will:
· Listen carefully to understand what you need from your financial protection plan
· Analyze your current situation, goals, and dreams
· Helps you identify any obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals
· Work with you to develop a plan that takes into account your short- and long-term goals
· Review your financial protection plan regularly to ensure it meets your changing needs

The four cornerstones of the wealth management security plan whether your goals are long-term (such as retirement) or more immediate (such as starting your own business or saving for your children's education), we can help you tailor a financial strategy to suit your needs and those of your family. As you develop your financial protection plan, we will explore the four cornerstones of the financial planning process in London:
1、Financial security when he died
· How can you secure your legacy for your family in 100 years?
·How much income does your family need?
· How will inflation affect this income?
· Would you like to retire early or reduce your working hours?
· What kind of lifestyle do you envision when you retire?
· How much income do you need to live comfortably in retirement?
· How will inflation affect this income?
· Do you have ready access to cash or liquid assets (i.e., assets that can be easily converted into cash)?
4、Disabled and dangerous
· How would a life-threatening illness or disability affect your income?
· Will a decrease in income affect your retirement savings, and will this decrease affect your lifestyle?
· How much disability or critical illness coverage is enough?
· How will inflation affect your income if you have to work less if you become critically ill or disabled?
· If you become critically ill or disabled, do the terms of your group plan allow you to continue saving for retirement?


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